Clovis Lowe is a filmmaker, photographer and educator with over 20 years’ experience making films with marginalised groups including young people at risk of offending, adults with mental health conditions and prisoners, mainly for charity clients.

He began Oxygen Arts to produce films that centre the experiences and concerns of people from the global majority and support young people from those communities to develop a career in the industry.

He is currently working on a feature length documentary that documents and celebrates the achievements of black dancers in British ballet and a fiction short set in a post-Covid, global dystopia.

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Oxygen Arts CIC is a black-led, creative production agency that specialises in targeting and working with diverse communities. As a social enterprise, we invest our profits into digital arts training for young people of the global majority in the UK and abroad.

We want to connect young people in the UK across the ‘Black Atlantic’ to create art that explores the issues that impact on their lives, enables them to speak truth to power and gives them an opportunity of a career in the industry.